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Gradudation Dates - Graduating Company on the parade deck, General's Buidling in the background.

Schedule provided by Recruit Training Regiment aboard MCRD San Diego. Almost all graduation/family days are on Thursday/Friday.

A few graduations take place on Wednesdays and Thursday due to holidays.

If you have questions about this schedule please contact Recruit Training Regiment directly at 619.524.8383.

FY14/15 Recruit Training Schedule
Updated 29 December 2014


Platoon Numbers

Ship Date

Graduation Date

OPEN   6-Oct 2-Jan
K 3229-3233 14-Oct 9-Jan
C 1049-1055 20-Oct 16-Jan
F 2121-2125 27-Oct 23-Jan
L 3241-3245 3-Nov 30-Jan
OPEN Veterans Day  10-Nov 6-Feb
B 1021-1027 17-Nov 13-Feb
OPEN Thanksgiving 24-Nov 20-Feb
E 2101-2105 1-Dec 27-Feb
OPEN   8-Dec 6-Mar
I 3201-3205 15-Dec 13-Mar
OPEN Christmas 22-Dec 20-Mar
OPEN New Years 29-Dec 27-Mar
D 1061-1065 5-Jan 3-Apr
H 2161-2165 12-Jan 10-Apr
OPEN MLK Jr. Day 19-Jan 17-Apr
M 3261-3265 26-Jan 24-Apr
A 1001-1007 2-Feb 1-May
G 2141-2147 9-Feb 8-May
OPEN Presidents Day 16-Feb 15-May
OPEN   23-Feb 22-May
K 3221-3225 2-Mar 29-May
C 1041-1045 9-Mar 5-Jun
F 2129-2133 16-Mar 12-Jun
L 3249-3253 23-Mar 19-Jun
OPEN Cross Month 30-Mar 26-Jun
OPEN   6-Apr 3-Jul
B 1029-1033 13-Apr 10-Jul
OPEN   20-Apr 17-Jul
E 2109-2113 27-Apr 24-Jul
I 3209-3213 4-May 31-Jul
D 1069-1073 11-May 7-Aug
H 2169-2173 18-May 14-Aug
OPEN Memorial Day 25-May 21-Aug
M 3269-3273 1-Jun 28-Aug
A* 1009-1015  8-Jun 4-Sep
G 2149-2155 15-Jun 11-Sep
K* 3229-3233 22-Jun 18-Sep
OPEN Independence Day 29-Jun 25-Sep
C 1049-1055 6-Jul 2-Oct
F* 2121-2125 13-Jul 9-Oct
L 3241-3245 20-Jul 16-Oct
B* 1021-1027 27-Jul 23-Oct
E 2101-2105 3-Aug 30-Oct
I 3201-3205 10-Aug 6-Nov
D 1061-1065 17-Aug 13-Nov
H 2161-2165 24-Aug 20-Nov
OPEN Thanksgiving 31-Aug 27-Nov
OPEN Labor Day 7-Sep 4-Dec
M 3261-3265 14-Sep 11-Dec
A 1001-1007 21-Sep 18-Dec
OPEN Cross FYs 28-Sep 25-Dec

This number is for BASIC information regarding training, visiting MCRD San Diego and graduation events. For more specific information regarding recruits or platoons contact RTR at 619.524.1775.

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Graduation Dates

Family Day & Graduation Day Schedule of Events PDF. Click here to download.

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MCRD San Diego Graduation Guide

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