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The Semper Fit Athletic Department offers an opportunity for individuals to compete in a variety of athletic events to promote quality of life and combat readiness. Intramural Sports at MCRD’s dynamic Athletic Department can help you in your athletic endeavors. For athletic check out all items can be obtained at Gear Issue, telephone (619) 524-6180.

2017 MCRD CG Cup Sports Calendar
Flag Football League Wednesday 4th January Tuesday 10th January
Bowling Tournament (Singles) Monday 13th February Wednesday 22nd February
6 on 6 Soccer League Thursday 16th February Tuesday 28th February
Tennis Tournament (Singles) Monday 3rd April Tuesday 11th April
Tennis Tournament (Doubles) Monday 3rd April Wednesday 12th April
Ultimate Frisbee Tournament Monday 10th April Tuesday 18th April
Volleyball League Monday 17th April Tuesday 25th April
Golf Tournament Monday 22nd May Tuesday 6th June
Dodgeball Tournament Monday 5th June Tuesday 13th June
Softball League Monday 12th June Tuesday 20th June
Over the Line Tournament Monday 31st July Tuesday 8th August
Racquetball Tournament Monday 7th August Tuesday 15th August
Basketball League Monday 14th August Tuesday 22nd August
3 on 3 Basketball Tournament Monday 25th September Wednesday 11th October
4 on 4 Sand Volleyball Tournament Monday 2nd October Wednesday 18th October
Wallyball League Thursday 5th October Tuesday 17 October

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CG Cup Standings
CG Cup Calendar

Athletics/CG Cup Sports
3800 Chosin Avenue, Building 5 West
MCRD San Diego
San Diego, CA 92140

Renaud Villedieu
Athletic Director
Race Director
(619) 524-6058
(619) 524-8229 (Fax)

Rachel Dickinson
Intramural Sports Coordinator
(619) 524-0548
(619) 524-8229 (Fax)

Monday – Friday
0730 – 1600

All CG Cup events are only open to MCRD active duty + DoD/NaFi employees aboard the depot.


  • One set of entry points will be awarded to each Point Getter per event regardless of how many teams enter.
  • Placement points will be earned by placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in each sport/event.
  • Events are open to MCRD Active duty personnel and DOD/Nafi employees who work aboard MCRD.
  • If a Point Getter cannot field a team, players from that Point Getter are eligible to participate with other Point Getters within their parent command. (With approval from the Athletics Office)
  • If a Point Getter has no team option within their parent command they may play for a team outside of their parent command. (With approval from the Athletics Office)