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MCX Directory

Main Phone Number
(619) 297-2500 – then press department extension number.

Extension Exchange Department
6523 Cosmetics/Fragrances
6542 Electronics/Luggage
6346 Fine Jewelry
6385 Home Store
6530/6316 Marine Corps Memorabilia
6411 Marine Mart
6375 Mini Mart

Refund/Exchange Policy
Marine Corps Exchange policy is “Satisfaction Guaranteed.” Refunds of the full purchase price, or a satisfactory adjustment, shall be made on merchandise in cases of customer dissatisfaction, upon presentation of proof of purchase. This policy is applicable throughout the military retail systems and is to be extended to authorized persons, provided the unsatisfactory merchandise is authorized to be sold, even though it was not purchased in the exchange at which the patron is seeking a refund or an adjustment.

Refunds will be issued in the same form as payment originally used for purchase. Credit card transactions must be credited to original credit card used for sales transaction.. Requests for refunds without a receipt are subject to management approval. All refunds over $5 without a receipt will be refunded on a MCX Refund Card if available, or otherwise cash refunds or credit refunds will be applied, subject to management approval. “As is” and clearance merchandise shall be treated the same as any other merchandise being returned.

In all cases when the customer does not have a receipt, and the item has been on sale during the last 60 days, the sale price will be refunded. The following exceptions apply:

  • Computers, computer equipment, electronics (includes iPods andMP3 players), and unopened software must be returned within 14 days.
  • Pre-recorded movies, music, and video games are returnable in original unopened factory sealed packaging. If defective, it will be exchanged for an identical item.
  • The guarantee does not apply to rifles, shotguns, handguns, ammunition, and mixed paint.
  • Items that may be associated with the transmission of disease, such as underclothing, bathing suits, hosiery, athletic supporters, and electric razors that have been in direct contact with the surface of the skin or body orifice or shows evidence of prior use, will not be accepted for return or exchange unless they are defective or still in unopened package. In the event such items are accepted, they will not be offered for resale.
  • Diamond jewelry is subject to appraisal before a refund may be given.

Hassle-Free Price Match Guarantee
Our promise is simple.
We will price match the final sale price of identical items, in new condition, in retail packaging, available to purchase at any domestic retail store operating within a U.S. state (store or online), online auction or marketplace sites excluded.

Price Match Requirements

  • Final Sale Price – Competitor price at face value or constructed after all competitor discounts applied. Shipping and handling is not to be added to the final sale price of the item, increasing the final sale price of the competitor, prior to executing the match. Tax is also not to be used as a way to increase the final sale price of the competitor prior to accepting the price match.
  • Identical Item – Item for item match – count, brand, model, series. Sizes and colors are not required to be identical.
  • New Condition – Item being matched must be considered new
  • In Retail Packaging – Item being matched must be considered as packaged in its original state to sell.
    Available to Purchase at any retail store operating within a U.S. state (store or online) – The item must be currently available/in-stock to purchase at any retail store that has either a brick and mortar and/or online presence operating domestically within the United States.

Exclusions (Controlled by legal and/or business requirements)

  • Mail in Rebates (Instant Rebates are approved)
  • Commissary Pricing
  • Fine Jewelry
  • Firearms
  • Gasoline
  • Alcohol (only in same state)
  • Tobacco (only in local market and state – cannot be matched at other military resale facilities, even if in local market and state)

Additional MCX exclusions:

  • Competitor Misprints
  • Mail in Rebates (Instant Rebates are approved)
  • Offers that include financing
  • Third Party Marketplaces (i.e. eBay, Auction Sites, Amazon Marketplace)
  • Refurbished Items
  • Product Services (contracts, warranties, repair, assembly)
  • Bundled Offers and Special Purchases
  • A competitors’ promotion of a free gift card or financial gift card with the purchase of an item

Updated: 2015 November 03

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Marine Corps Exchange
MCRD San Diego
3800 Chosin Avenue
San Diego, CA 92140
(619) 297-2500

Main Exchange
0900 – 1900 Monday – Saturday
1000 – 1800 Sunday

Marine Mart
0600 – 2100 Monday – Friday
0800 – 2100 Saturday & Sunday

Located at Bldg 10, across from Starbucks
0900 – 1900 Monday – Saturday
1000 – 1800 Sunday
(619) 497-1710

Mini Mart | Gas Lanes
0630 – 1730 Monday – Friday
Closed – Saturday, Sunday & Holidays

Gas Lanes open 24 hours a day with use of a credit/Debit card