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The Family Advocacy Program provides preventions, education, assessments and treatment on many topics. Our mission is to support Marine Corps readiness through prevention and early intervention. The program addresses family violence issues through a Coordinated Community Response to promote safe family relationships and the emotional health of Marines and their families. We all want to be as healthy emotionally as we are physically. We can all use a bit of help from time to time. FAP is here to provide that help. Check us out and see what we can do for you! Below are a few of our prevention and education topics:

  • Combat Stress
  • Stress and Anger Management
  • Family Violence
  • Personal Relationships

Our qualified and experienced Prevention & Education Specialist will provide classes and Command briefs. Command briefs are scheduled on a quarterly basis on a variety of topics. We provide classes and workshops at various locations, and we can bring the briefs to you.


To speak with a Victim Advocate, please call (619) 524-0421/0265
Monday – Friday
0730 – 1600

Advocates are on call 24 hours a day at (619) 279-6113

You are not alone.

If you have been the victim of domestic abuse or sexual assault, our Victim Advocates are here for you when you need them. First and foremost, we will assist in developing a personalized safety plan and help you make the choices that are right for you. We advocate for your rights and wishes as well as provide emotional support and crisis intervention. We can work as a liaison with commands and provide court and medical accompaniment. We can also offer military and community referrals and assist you with accessing these resources.



Victims of domestic abuse who want to pursue an official investigation of an incident should use current reporting channels, e.g., chain of command, Family Advocacy Program (FAP), or law enforcement. Upon notification of a reported domestic abuse incident, victim advocacy services and FAP clinical services will be offered to the victim.


Restricted reporting allows an adult victim of domestic abuse to disclose the details of his or her abuse to specifically identified individuals and receive medical treatment and victim advocacy services without requiring that notice be provided to the victim’s or alleged offender’s commander or law enforcement.

Victims of domestic abuse who desire restricted reporting under this policy must report the abuse to one of the following specified individuals:

  • a vicitm advocate
  • a victim advocate supervisor
  • or healthcare provider

Additionally, a victim’s disclosure of his or her domestic abuse to persons other than those covered by this policy may result in an investigation of the allegations by law enforcement and clinical intervention from FAP.

DISCLAIMER – There are some exceptions to confidentiality regarding information disclosed in a restricted report. Ask a victim advocate or a FAP counselor about these exceptions.



Family Violence is very destructive to the family and impairs unit readiness. The Family Advocacy Program provides counseling to assist families dealing with spouse and child abuse. We encourage families to seek help at the earliest signs that abuse and violence are occurring. Advocacy for the welfare and safety of an infant or child is everyone’s business. Our services include individual and group counseling. To make an appointment for an assessment and to get your family some assistance: 619.524.0465

Family Violence includes Domestic Abuse and Child Maltreatment. The Department of Defense defines each as follows:

Domestic Abuse is:

  • Domestic violence or
  • A pattern of behavior resulting in emotional/psychological abuse, economic control, and/or interference with personal liberty that is directed toward a person who is:
    • a current or former spouse
    • a person with whom the abuser shares a child in common; or
    • a current or former intimate partner with whom the abuser shares or has shared a common domicile.

Child Maltreatment (abuse or neglect) is: The physical or sexual abuse, emotional maltreatment, or neglect of a child by a parent, guardian, foster parent, or by a caregiver, whether the caregiver is intra-familial or extra-familial, under circumstances indicating that the child’s welfare is harmed or threatened. Such acts by a sibling, other family member, or other person shall be deemed to be child maltreatment only when the individual is providing care under express or implied agreement with the parent, guardian, or foster parent.

Family Advocacy Program
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Office Hours
Monday – Friday 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Located in Building 6 E

Prevention Information
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Intake Appointments
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Megan Jones, LMFT
Program Manager
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Valerie Loewe, LMFT
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Chris Coulapides, PsyD.
(619) 524-8134

Tania Beaudoin, MPP, LCSW
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Laura Texier, BSW
Prevention Specialist
Installation Suicide Prevention Coordinator
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Service Philosophy

Marine & Family Programs’ goal is a foundation of readiness and resiliency. We reinforce that foundation with personalized service, and an innovative approach.

We hold as our guiding principles, that:
• We Do the Right Thing
• Our Mission is You
• There is No Wrong Door

Mission: To provide tools and resources which promote a ready and resilient Marine Corps Recruit Depot

Vision: To enrich lives through a comprehensive array of innovative programs and services