FOCUS is a prevention service designed to strengthen couples and families in readiness for tomorrow. FOCUS provides personalized training for each family and its individual goals. The program teaches practical skills to help families and couples feel prepared to meet the challenges of military life such as stress, injury and other transitions. FOCUS is available in several formats: family consultations, couple- or family-level training, small group training and workshops. FOCUS builds strong connections with other military family providers to support a network of care for service members, their partners and families. FOCUS training is confidential, free and offers services at family friendly hours.

FOCUS sessions allow families and couples to build their own story about military life experiences.

This helps them to:

  • Identify, manage and discuss emotions
  • Clarify misunderstandings and respect individual points of view
  • Build on current strengths
  • Feel closer and more supported
  • Use problem-solving and goal-setting to empower the entire family

Regular office hours: Tues. & Thurs. 1000- 1700 (or scheduled upon request)

MCRD FOCUS Resilience Trainer: Rasheed Swindell, MA

Phone: 619-556-6075
Email: sandiego@focusproject.org
Website: www.focusproject.org

Download the FOCUS Trifold

Rasheed Swindell, MA
(619) 556-6077

Office Hours
Tuesday 0900-1200
Thursday 1300-1600

Service Philosophy

Marine & Family Programs’ goal is a foundation of readiness and resiliency. We reinforce that foundation with personalized service, and an innovative approach.

We hold as our guiding principles, that:
• We Do the Right Thing
• Our Mission is You
• There is No Wrong Door

Mission: To provide tools and resources which promote a ready and resilient Marine Corps Recruit Depot

Vision: To enrich lives through a comprehensive array of innovative programs and services