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Graduation Day

0600 – 0900 Breakfast Buffet The Bay View Restaurant
0800 – 0830 Color Ceremony Commanding General’s Headquarters
0830 – 0945 Graduation Seating Shepherd Field Parade Deck
1000 – 1200 Graduation Ceremony Shepherd Field Parade Deck
1100 – 1400 Lunch Menu Service The Bay View Restaurant


The Bay View Restaurant
0600 – 0900

An optional event. A beautiful dining option to relax and plan your day. Your new Marine cannot join you for breakfast; he is still under the watchful eyes of the Drill Instructors.

Adults: $9.95
Children (ages 4-11): $5.95
Children under age 4: Free


Commanding General’s Headquarters
0800 – 0830
Optional event

An optional event beginning promptly at 0800. Witness the raising of the flags. Enjoy performances by Marine Band San Diego and the Color Guard. The ceremony takes place in front of the Commanding General’s Headquarters. To find the headquarters look for a building at the end of the opposite end of the Parade Deck from the base theater. The Commanding General’s Headquarters has a white turret atop it.


Shepherd Memorial Drill Field Parade Deck
0830 – 0945

Please be in your seats no later than 9:45 AM.


Shepherd Field Parade Deck
1000 – 1200

Graduation marks the end of a Marine’s time in boot camp. It is his final dismissal and the culmination of his Recruit training. The graduation ceremony includes the graduating Marines, their Drill Instructors and other key training personnel.

The distinguished personnel present are the Depot’s Commanding General, the parade reviewing officer and the parade staff. Highlighted performances include the Marine Band San Diego and the Depot Mascot; an English Bulldog named Smedley Butler.

Lunch Menu Service

The Bay View Restaurant
1100 – 1400
Optional event

An optional event for visitors. Lunch menu service available.

The Bay View is known for impeccable service. Graduating Marines will receive a free meal!

MCRD San Diego Graduation brochure
Complimentary Padres Tickets for Graduating Marines
Family Day and Graduation Schedule of Events


For more specific information regarding recruits or platoons contact RTR at:
Primary: 619-524-8661
Secondary: 619-524-1777
Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 0800-1600