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San Diego Padres – Free Game Ticket & Discount for Family Members2017-07-31T10:26:55+00:00

The San Diego Padres are offering a free game ticket to your graduating Marine as a congratulations and a discount for family members on featured weekends!

In addition, any Military personnel can receive a Military Discount to the upcoming weekend games as well. Families and other military personnel will receive a 25% off discount for Friday and Saturday games and a 50% off discount for Sunday games. Average cost will be $25-$30 for a lower level tickets and $10-$15 for an Upper Level Ticket.

A Padres representative will be on campus on the following dates with tickets available for that upcoming weekend:

Thursday, Aug. 17th Tickets Available for Aug. 18 – 20th vs. Washington Nationals
Thursday, Aug. 31st Tickets Available for Sept. 1st – 3rd vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Thursday, Sept. 21st Tickets Available for Sept. 22nd – 24th vs. Colorado Rockies