1. Log on to Web-TA URL: https://myeducation.netc.navy.mil
    Access Web TA using CAC or NKO account (go to http://www.nko.navy.mil/ to create new account)
  2. To start application, select “My Tuition Assistance (web TA). If you are eligible, the system will say “verified”. Select “Create TA Application” to start a new TA. Click “I Accept” on the application agreement page.*** If you are NOT eligible, it will list the items you need to correct. Work with Depot education office to clear these items***.
  3. Default Values, Select “Yes” if it is the same school or “No” to select a new school. **Change school name on question #25.
  4. New TA Application. Questions 1-36. All form items are required unless otherwise noted. VERIFY all entries, such as email address, course code, title, hours and cost.Question #8: Type in CO or By Direction Authority’s email address. If email address is copied and pasted, it must not have blank spaces at the end.Question #15: Ensure education office corresponds to the CURRENT duty station. Use base name (Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego) not city to search for education office.Question 36: Enter TA fee (optional) only for courses that have a mandatory fee for course enrollment (Does not include book, library, student, or parking fee)
  5. Select “SAVE” then click “YES” to confirm TA application.
  6. Click “SUBMIT” to forward TA application to CO or by DIR authority for approval. Select “YES” to confirm. ***Student may cancel or resubmit the document only if the Command has not processed the application***.
  7. Student receives an email on approval or disapproval of TA by Command Approving Official and then another email on approval or disapproval of TA by Education Office.
  8. Student may review the status of the TA application by selecting URL in email or by logging in to the WEB TA account.
  9. After TA Approval. Return to, https://myeducation.netc.navy.mil/
    Click on “Existing Applications”
    Click “View” for Existing Applications in Authorized Status
    Click “Print document”. Marine must sign TA voucher and deliver to the school.

NOTE: Students must submit grades to sfly_ta.marine@navy.mil within 30 days after course completion to avoid delay of future TA requests.

Lifelong Learning Center
Building 111 across from the gas station.

James Brooks
Education Services Officer
(619) 524-8158 or (619) 524-8280

Annie Villalon
Education & Career Specialist
(619) 524-1275 or (619) 524-6865

Monday – Friday
0730 – 1600

MCRD Lifelong Learning Center Survey

DoD Postsecondary Education Complaint System (PECS)

Service Philosophy

Marine & Family Programs’ goal is a foundation of readiness and resiliency. We reinforce that foundation with personalized service, and an innovative approach.

We hold as our guiding principles, that:
• We Do the Right Thing
• Our Mission is You
• There is No Wrong Door

Mission: To provide tools and resources which promote a ready and resilient Marine Corps Recruit Depot

Vision: To enrich lives through a compressive array of innovative programs and services