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MCCS Spotlight

    Summer Slide - Academics and Enrichment to Get You By

    Thu, 25 May; 1800-2000 @ MFP/Bldg 6E

    This workshop is designed for families who want to learn how to keep their children engaged through the summer months. Don’t fall down the summer slide and join us to hear guest speakers and receive great resources. For more information or to register, contact School Liaison Program at 619-524-8032/8104

    Brown Bag Lunch Financial Workshop

    Fri, 2 Jun; 1130-1300 @ PPD, Bldg 14

    Topic: How to be the Winner when Buying Your Next Car or Truck
    Light refreshments provided; open to all authorized patrons. For more information or to register: 619-524-5728/1204

    PII and OPSEC Training

    Sat, 10 Jun; 1200-1330 @ MCCS, Bldg 5E (2nd Deck)

    Social networking sites (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) can be useful and fun but can also be an avenue for criminals, spies, and terrorists. Practicing OPSEC will help you recognize your critical information and protect it. Open to all authorized patrons. For more information, contact: 619-718-3765.

    Commanding General's Welcome Aboard

    Tue, 13 Jun; 0830-1200 @ PPD, Bldg 14

    Informational brief of programs aboard MCRD, Depot bus tour, followed by Info Expo at the Recreation Center. Mandatory for all newly joined AD personnel. Open to all personnel, service members, spouses, family members, and retirees new to MCRD San Diego. For more information or to register: 619-524-5732 or

    L.I.N.K.S. for Spouses

    Tue-Wed, 13-14 Jun; 0900-1300 @ MCCS, Bldg 5E

    The goal of the L.I.N.K.S. workshop is to provide an overview of the Marine Corps structure, services and benefits that are available to you as part of the Marine Corps Family. *Kid friendly class and lunch provided* For more information or to register: 619-718-3764 or

    Resume and Cover Letter Workshop

    Thu, 15 Jun; 0900-1100 @ PPD, Bldg 14

    This workshop covers: How to Create a Master Resume, Target Resumes, and Cover Letters. For more information or to register:

    Prime for Life 4.5

    Fri, 16 Jun; 0730-1200 @ SACC, Bldg 14

    Evidence-based prevention and intervention program. Topics include: How Biology Factors into Substance Abuse, Awareness on Drug and Alcohol Use, Making Low Risk vs High Risk Choices, and How to Protect What You’ve Earned. For more information or to register: 619-524-8634 or

    College Orientation and Prep Course

    Wed, 21 Jun; 0800-1000 @ LLC, Bldg 111

    Training will cover Tuition Assistance policies for active-duty, college funding options for family members, and learn how to establish academic goals. For more information or to register: 619-524-8158/1275

    Are You Ready? One Stop Shop

    Wed, 21 Jun; 1700-2230 @ Recreation Center, Bldg 590

    It’s a Family Affair. This workshop focuses on personal preparation, communicating, emergency planning for active duty and extended family members.

    Light Refreshments, Bowling, DJ, Karaoke, and Kid's Movies available. No childcare provided. For more information or to register: 619-718-3765 or

    EFMP Family Yoga

    Sat, 24 Jun; 1000-1100 @ Jerry Coleman Center, Bldg 650

    Family centered yoga class provided by a licensed occupational therapist. This session for the whole family to help build family bonding, connections, and overall well-being. Open to all DOD eligible families (active-duty, retired, reservists, DOD Civilians and contractors, and other federal agencies). For more information or to register, contact Christy Howland at 619-524-0916 or

    Library Renovation

    Please pardon our mess as we renovate the Depot Library, Bldg 7.

    • 15-16 May: Closed
    • 17 May-30 Jun: Limited access to certain book collections

    The Library Computer Lab will be closed from 15 May to 30 June, but the computer lab at the Career Resource Center, Bldg 14 (M-W: 0730-1730 / Th-F: 0730-1600) will continue to be available to patrons for use during that time. We apologize for any inconvenience.