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Bootcamp Challenge. MCRD San Diego. October 14, 2017. Register Today.

MCCS Spotlight

Estuary Dredging Project

To our valued patrons,

During this project (early September to March), MCRDSD docks will be removed from the water, and water activities (to include the use of the MCCS Boathouse and Marina) will be suspended. Picnic and Party areas will still be available for reservations.

Library Renovation

Please pardon our mess as we renovate the Depot Library, Bldg 7. There will be limited access to certain sections as upgrades continue. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Super Hero Couples Challenge

    Sat, 30 Sep; 0830-1200 @ Jerry Coleman Center Lawn

    In recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Couples will compete against each other by completing 12 stations for time. Three couples with the least amount of time will receive awards. Participants can be married, engaged, co-habitating or dating. Super Hero costumes encouraged! Must be registered to participate. To register, please call 619-524-1200

    Team Wellness Challenge

    8 Week Program (begins October 2)

    Each team will have weekly goals set by the team captain, with guidance from the Health Promotions Manager. A calendar of recommended activities will be provided in order to achieve team goals. Participants that complete the challenge will receive a MCRD Team Wellness t-shirt.

    Team Captain Meeting scheduled for Fri, 29 Sep (drop in from 1100-1300) at Fitness Center Classroom.

    For more information or to register, contact Bonnie Keating at 619-524-8913 or

    Oktoberfest Dinner Dance

    Fri, 13 Oct; 1700-1900 @ Bay View Restaurant

    Featuring live music from the Cradit Union Band
    $24.95 per person / $10 cover charge for dancing only /$10 wine corkage fee
    For reservations, call 619-725-6388

    Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM)

    Week of Action Events

    • Awareness Booth: Mon, 16 Oct; 1000-10300 @ MCX Mall
    • Professional Training: Tue, 17 Oct; 0800-1200 @ Bldg 7W, 2nd Deck
    • Girls on Guard: Wed, 18 Oct; 0900-1100 @ MCRD HITT Center
    • Purple Thursday: Thu, 19 Oct
    • Spin Against Domestic Violence: Fri, 20 Oct; 1130 @ Fitness Center

    For more information, call 619-524-1200

    The Life Planning Project

    Every other Monday (starting 25 Sep); 1800-2000 @ MFP, Bldg 6E

    A series of six workshops for parents, occurring every other Monday that focus on different aspects of the planning process for the future of the individual with special needs.

    • Mon, 25 Sep: Why Plan – Getting Started
    • Mon, 9 Oct: Building Relationship
    • Mon, 23 Oct: Work, Retirement, and Leisure
    • Mon, 6 Nov: Housing Options
    • Mon, 20 Nov: Legal Issues
    • Mon, 4 Dec: Setting Goals

    Open to all DOD eligible families (active-duty, retired, reservists, DOD Civilians and contractors, and other federal agencies). For more information or to register, contact Christy Howland at 619-524-0916 or

    MilSpouse Virtual and Portable Careers

    Wed, 27 Sep; 1000-1200 @ PPD, Bldg 14

    Take charge of your career! In this workshop learn about the pros and cons of working from home, how to identify and develop portable skills, and access resources to prepare you for success when PCS orders arrive. For more information or to register:

    PCS Prep "Smooth Move" Workshop

    Fri, 29 Sep; 1300-1430 @ PPD, Bldg 14

    Learn about your next Military move. The PCS Prep "Smooth Move" Workshop is designed to provide service members and families with tools and techniques for making their move a positive and rewarding experience. The focus is on coping with relocation and identifying steps to take to prepare for the move. To register, email

    Four Lenses

    Wed, 4 Oct; 1730-2000 @ MCCS, Bldg 5E

    Every person you meet or interact with is a unique individual. We all have different values, motivations, opinions, and ways of communicating. Understanding all the temperaments involved in the interaction gives you an advantage. In this workshop, you will learn more about yourself and your preferences as well as others when it comes to work, parenting, relationships and more.

    For more information or to register, please call 619-718-3763 or

    Interpersonal Communication

    Fri, 13 Oct; 0900-1100 @ MFP, Bldg 6E

    This workshop addresses interpersonal conflict and is designed to help participants become more aware of conflict. Participants will also learn the skills necessary to communicate more effectively, and to promote healthy relationships.

    For more information or to register, please call 619-718-3763 or

    Marine & Family Programs Playgroup

    Wed, 11 Oct; 1000-1100 @ Boathouse and Marina Playground

    Hosted by Exceptional Family Member Program and New Parent Support Program. All ages welcome! Meet, greet, and play! Staff will provide a small group structured play, then free play on the playground. Open to all DOD eligible families (active-duty, retired, reserve, DOD civilian or contractor, and other federal agencies). Pre-registration encouraged, but not required. Inclement weather: playgroup will be in Bldg 6E.

    For more information or to register: Christy Howland at 619-524-0916 or

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