From exclusive military discounts to the latest trends, Facebook giveaways to tax-free shopping, MCX serves and supports the very best customers – the United States Armed Forces.

For over a century, we’ve known that our customers are special people who serve their country proudly. The Marine Corps Exchange is the #1 MCCS benefit to our customers based on the “Marine Corps MCCS Needs Assessment Survey”. What does that mean? We are trying our level best to get you the products and the prices you deserve. Think of it as our way of saying we’re proud to support the best there is: The Few, The Proud, The Marines.

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MCRDSD Active Duty and Civilian Personnel Only

Marine Corps Exchange
MCRD San Diego
3800 Chosin Avenue
San Diego, CA 92140
(619) 297-2500

Main Exchange
1000 – 1700 Monday – Friday
Closed – Saturday & Sunday

Marine Mart
0600 – 1900 Monday – Friday
Closed – Saturday & Sunday

Mini Mart | Gas Lanes

Gas Lanes open 24 hours
a day with use of a credit/debit card